A cheat sheet creator for your next exam!

Cribr is a powerful Word processor to make cheats in an easy and suitable way. A text compressor, interface based in Office 2010, a preview in real time & spell checker.... are some of its features. However, best of all it is completely free and offers an easy instalation: only a 7MB file.

Furthermore, Cribr has full synchronisation with, a webpage where you can access more than 300.000 documents, included notes, essays, and summaries shared among the community. You will be able to download, edit and upload again to the webpage. It's all easy and fast.

Using Cribr

All you need is a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7. For a better user experience, we recommend use the latest version of Internet Explorer. In addition, we have a cheat sheet online editor available to users of other operating systems. If you have any questions about using Cribr, you can check this tutorial: Using Cribr to make cheat sheets

Share your notes and cheat sheets

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Text editor

Cribr is a powerful Word processor that can be used for many purposes. The text editor used is based on HTML, the language that powers the Internet.

Made to suit you The ability to move, attach, close and float the different windows provided, allows you to make Cribr to suit you. It encloses an special operating mode for the users who are only looking for a text editor and not the creation and design of cheats which gets hidden away.

Office-like interface Cribr interface imitates the look'n'feel of the latest Microsoft Word versions: big buttons, colourful menues and all the power of the program are just a few clicks away.

Many at the same time With Cribr you can edit several documents at the same time; you can summerise your texts, open and close files without leaving the programme and organise your opened documents by columns and tabs.

Live preview Live preview is a feature that was introduced in Word 2007 and it allows you to see how a change of format will look before you use it: select a text and direct the mouse to the available sizes and styles to see what that change would look like. If you do not like any of them, remove the cursor from the menu and everything will remain as before.

Contextual tabs Another novelty of Cribr which has also been obtained from the latest Office programme are the contextual tabs. They appear when you select an object, like an image, a chart or a link and they allow you to edit unique features of these objects, such as the situation of the image, the color of the edges or the destination of a link.


Every centimeter counts. Therefore, Cribr allows you to use the latest technology in order to optimize and make use of most of the space as possible, without losing any readability.

Preview As you write your document, a preview document will be updated in real time for show how will be the document at print time.

Text compressor Use your limited space to the maximum by shortening the words as SMS style automatically with the integrated text compressor included in Cribr . Moreover, it allows you to determine the compression level to make it more comfortable for you to read and visualize instantly.

Play with zoom and spacing Another essential feature provided to create your own cheats is the zooming function applied to the original text and the spacing between lines and paragraphs used when printing. Cribr allows you to adjust these features to suit you and you can play with it with the live preview feature.

Hide the content with templates In Cribr you can hide the text and its contents by hiding it in a template: in the ingredients list on a bottle neck, on a tipp-ex pen instructions list... etc. You can also create your own templates and reuse them again for another exam.


In Cribr you can have several types of element to enrich your text content.

Cribr incorporates a powerful equations editor. This is based on MathML, the standard for mathematical notation. Create integrals, matrices, vectors, add greek letters or mathematical symbols, change its colour and size: it has never been so easy to write an equation!

Thanks to the Google latest technology to design graphs, you can create your own graphs of different types: line, column, circular, Venn's diagrams....

Cribr also enjoys, from the fifth version, the possibility to work with tables. Thanks to the contextual tabs it is easier to create and edit them at the same time to meet your personal needs: you can add or remove columns or rows, change the type and colour of the borders, choose a title...

Pictures, keywords, dates, quotes,... Cribr can do it all!

Tools and utilities

Cribr offers you many tools to help you edit the content you need.

Translator The availability of a good translator is always welcome! and Cribr embodies one that you can use to suit your needs. Furthermore, it also allows you to detect the language from a text you might not know. This device is based on Google translation technology.

Spell Checker Cribr analyses your text and checks for any spelling errors. The spellchecker are based on the same spell checker engine as programs like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox among others.

Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is a search engine developed by the same software company as Mathematica. It can process the human language and answer any question formulated from any subject: mathematics, sociology, medicine, economics, Internet, etc. With Cribr you can search in WolframAlpha and insert those contents that can be useful for your essays.

Do you need to change a text?
How many times have you had to edit a text and have not been able to use cut and paste for it? Cribr tries to avoid these frustrating situations by providing two essential tools: automatic summarizing and synonyms replacements. The automatic summarizing of the text is able to analyse a text automatically and to take out a summary of the main concepts from it. Moreover, the synonyms replacement tool allows you to process a text, word by word, by choosing a more appropiate synonym for each word you would like to change for your text. By using both tools your text will have a complete make over!


Do you still want some more? Cribr has even more features!!

Any document created with Cribr can be automatically shared with the whole community of However, this option can be disabled anytime.

Cribr supports many languages, including the interface, the spell checker, the synonyms dictionary and the automatic summarising tool. It is hoped that the language list will continue to grow.

Cribr is compatible with Word and HTML files. It allows you to create PDF documents from any initial format.

Clean your code
When you generate HTML with Microsoft Word, you will have seen that the code generated is full of rubbish. Cribr allows you to use the internal clean up tool to clean your files and retain a clean code that complies with the standard.